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This website is created as a gift to the Jersey Chapter of the Knights of Rizal
Order of the Knights of Rizal
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Part Four - 2016 - 2018
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New Board  Elected Months Before Scheduled Date
Famous Community Leader Is New Chairman & Commander

For the first time, the New Jersey Chapter held the election of the 9-member Board of Directors four months before schedule. The well-attended general membership meeting was held on February 19, 2016 from seven o'clock in the evening at Fun Buffet in Jersey City. Immediately after, the newly elected members chose the set of officers.

There were big reasons why the election was held way far ahead of time. One is the forthcoming 6th Regional Assembly which will be hosted by five chapters in the tri-state area including the New Jersey Chapter where the US Supreme commander, Sir Francis Sison is an active past officer. "The coming gathering of officers and members of the US chapters is a huge event. About 30 executive officers from Manila will be arriving." According to Sison.

The other factor is just privy to the club. No details were given.

Elected officers are the following: Sirs Victor Sison- Chapter Commander, Ed Toloza- Deputy Chapter Commander, Jose Mayo- Chancellor, Ariel Aggabao- Pursuivant, Romulo Luz- Exchequer, Bruce Whateley- Archivist, Arnold Castillo- Auditor, Michael Florendo- Deputy Pursuivant and Rodrigo Castillo- Deputy Exchequer

The election was immediately approved and confirmed by the Supreme Council in Manila in a Memorandum dated March 4, 2016.

The chapter is tasked of doing most of the important jobs to make the US Regional assembly a resounding success.
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Sir Victor Sison, Lawyer
US Regional Commander Prepares for 6th USA Regional Assembly
Chapter Commander & Deputy In Top Committee
Supreme Commander Confirms & Congratulates New Board
2nd General Membership Meeting is Good!
Sir Victor Sison
Greets the officers and members of the Bergenfield Chapter

- On behalf of the New Jersey Chapter of the Knights of Rizal !!

Mabuhay !!
Sir Victor Sison, a practicing lawyer, a very active community leader and a loving familyman was unanimously selected to head the prestigious organization. He serves as Chapter Commander for the two-year term with the rank of KGOR, the highest rank in the organization. Besides the KOR, Attorney Sison lead several big community organizations in flying colors. Thus, earning him the title "El Presidente" .
Immediately after the February election of board members, the chapter is now in high gear as one of five chapters involved in the careful preparation for the 6th United States National Assembly which will be held in Jersey City, September 2 - 5, 2016. Sir Francis Sison, the current Regional Commander is heading all the activities leading to the event.
First in the agenda is the marketing of the three day affair. During the last two meetings of the committee, Sison presented and explained the first few flyers and ads that will be flooding the community in the next few weeks and months going to the event in September. A few of these are published here. These are available to anyone, member or not upon request. Every interested individual who wants to get involved in the information dissemination is welcome.
Website, Priority of Sir Victor Sison
-     To Highlight Achievements Group & News
"Anything you do, if it is not known to  your people is nothing."  Sir Victor Sison said in a casual talk with the Director For Media Affairs, Fiorel Salvo. "As a leader, It is important that your members are fully aware that there is energy in the leadership, that the chapter is moving forward and that works are done in the best it should be." He added. "The new media is a perfect vehicle to do the job. That's why the website is of utmost importance to the members." He concluded.
On March 22, the Chapter Commander met with the committee he formed including Sirs Ed Toloza, Deputy Commander, Fiorel Salvo, the designated Director for Media Affairs and Gali Munar, former Chapter Commander and currently with the Council of Elders.
Discussed during the meeting is the role the official website of the chapter will play, the focus of its content and its importance in the information dissemination of important notices directed towards the members.

Sir Fiorel Salvo explained how the website is designed to produce the maximum information possible not only about the chapter but the "Knights Of Rizal" in its entirety. He said that the website, which he personally created as his contribution to the chapter and the KOR as a whole, has been in existence way back to Sir Francis Sison's term in 2010. "It is my free gift to the chapter.." he said.

"The website is of two parts". He explains. "One is the "Chapter Section" and the other is all about the "Supreme" international organization. The latter includes the By-Laws, Organization, Dr. Jose Rizal's writings, photos, monuments, etc."

"To familiarize yourself with the website, go over the more than 25 pages of the KOR NJ online "book", Fiorel suggested.
The "Chapter" met for the second month at Fun Buffet last April 15. The membership attendance was excellent. "It was the 2nd biggest in attendance, the first being during Sir Francis' term as Chapter Commander in 2011." Sir Fiorel Salvo mentioned as he explained the "re-birth of the website".

Sir Francis Sison confirmed.

The general membership meeting was highlighted by the swearing in of a good number of new recruits.
Sir Francis Sison gave the members an update of the 6th USA Regional Assembly preparations highlighting the Hudson Dinner Cruise. 
(from your left)  Sirs Francis Sison, Victor Sison & Ed Toloza
In spite of expected heavy downpour, the organizers as well as the participants in the annual parade in Manhattan were all high spirited. The even went through without a hitch and and success was in the air after the day is done. Even the weather cooperated. Rain stopped just before the parade was to start.

New York Celebrates The Biggest Philippine Independence Event In The East coast
Thousands of extectators lined up the length of Madison Avenue, from 34th down to 23rd street to see the very colorful marchers. Dozens of floats, bands, "Dance Groups", organizations, military divisions electrified the already excited audiences.
The finale was a star-studded live show featuring imported movie and television stars from Manila. Great recording stars truly completed the day with a huge bang !!!
Congratulagtions to the Philippine Independence Day Committee, Inc. for the job well done !!
As usual, the "Knights of Rizal" carries the Philippine flags and spearheads the delegations.
-  NY celebration photos courtesy of YetBolovesRita
Ambassador Jose Lampe Cuisia, Jr., was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of the Philippines to the United States by  President Benigno S. Aquino III on 30 November 2010 and confirmed by the Commission on Appointments on 9 February 2011. He formally assumed his post at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. on April 2, 2011 and presented his credentials to President Barack Obama on July 7, 2011. He is to retire this year, 2016.

Mr. Cuisia has jurisdiction over the U.S. Virgin Islands, Grenada and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the Commonwealth of Jamaica, the Republic of Haiti, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Commonwealth of Dominica, The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines
as a gift to Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., outgoing Philippine Ambassador to the United States in a ceremony in his honor. The event is one of two parts in an affair for "Ang Misyon" at the Philippine Consulate in New York last May 26, 2016.

The pillow features a collage of the ambassador's special appearances handmade by Mrs. Irene Sison, beloved wife of the chapter commander.
Sir Victor Sison, CC, Offers amb. Cuisia a " Pillow "
Sir Victor Sison, Chapter Commander of the New Jersey Chapter offered a "Pillow"
The current chapter commander of the New Jersey Knights Of Rizal is fully supported by a group of professionals who called themselves The McBoys, a brotherhood formed more than 20 years ago. In attendance at the ceremony are  some of the colleagues (L-R) Sir Gali Munar, a lawyer and professor, Sir Ed Toloza, City Assessor of Jersey City, Sir Romeo Doddie Cortez, a realtor, Sir Fiorel Salvo, owner of The Salvo Group, LLC and Broadcast Journalist, Sir Victor Sison, Practicing Lawyer and former City Judge and Sir Rudy Casuga, a lawyer and Preacher.
Ambassador De Leon Receives Special Tribute
For decades of distinguished service in the government, Consul General Mario De Leon was honored with a special tribute during the 2016 Circle of Excellence Awards Gala. The event was held last June 19, 2016 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Newark, New Jersey.

As consul general of New York, the Philippine ambassador is recognized because of his untiring effort in strengthening the relationship between the countries of the Philippines and the United States. His New York tenure is only a part of his four decades of dedicated service and exemplary work in the government.
Sir Francis Sison, KGOR, US Regional Commander, assisted by the New Jersey Chapter Commander Sir Victor Sison gave the Plaque of Appreciation before a packed auditorium of the well-known hotel.
The awardees with the Knights of Rizal and some guests at the 2016 Circle of Excellence gala night.
More Than A Dozen Knighted To KOR
Flag Raising and Wreath Laying At Rizal Park were the kick-off event of the day.  The solemn ceremony was attended by high ranking officers of the region headed by its commander, Sir Francis Sison, KGOR. Preciding the ceremony was the chapter commander of New Jersey, Sir Victor sison, KGOR. A special guest from Hawaii Chapter, Sir Arnold Villafuerte, MD. KCR was also in attendance.

Before the big event of the "Circle Of Excellence Awards Gala" and the special Tribute to the Philippine Consul General to New York, Hon. Mario De Leon, more than a dozen new recruits to the Knights Of Rizal were Knighted and officially inducted to the international organization. Strict observance of the duly prescribed ceremony was done during the process.
The program started at nine in the morning as prepared by Sir Rudy Casuga and hosted by Sir Fiorello Salvo, Flags were raised by Sirs Gali Munar, Walter Romanoi, Tony Fgueroa and Bruce Whateley, all active officers and members of the New Jersey chapter.