The flag of the Order of the Knights of Rizal  being paraded at the grand night of the Philippine American Friendship Committee, June 11, 2011. Flag bearer is Sir Jun Hornilla 
Order of the Knights of Rizal
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Christmas fund raising carolling at the host residence, Mr. and Mrs Rodrigo Castillo, Both in the medical field and Knights -January 2, 2011
General membership meeting guest speaker, governor Grace Padaca, March 30, 2011
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KOR support to Bishop LUIS AMIGO FOUNDATION in its fund raising event April 3, 2011. The breakfast event was at Our Lady Of Assumption Parish in Bayonne, New Jersey

Right photo L-R: Sir Gali Munar, Sir Fiorel Salvo, Sir Tony Figueroa, Sir Ed Toloza, Sir Jun Hornilla, Sir Dal Abuel, Richard Francis (New recruit) Sir Romy Cortez, Sir Fernando Bonsol and Sir Ed Balintona.
The active members of KOR  who are also members of the "McBoys" in its regular breakfast meeting at Dante's on April 2, 2011. Basic organizational and future plans of the two groups are discussed in such meetings.
The pictures are just representatives of events and activities of the chapter. For more photos of any of these, you can access our Facebook Group Page.
At the April 29th, 2011 chapter general monthly meeting with Deputy Consul General Melita Sta. Maria Thomeczek (seated at center, picture at left) - a career diplomat assigned at the Philippine consulate in New York, as guest speaker.

At the educational portion, Sir Architect Sonny "ZG" Lerum Jr., lectured on the topic: Consequencies of Dr. Jose P. Rizal's Activities & Writings.

About 30 active members in attendance.
Chapter Commander Francis Sison, KGOR (standing/top right pic) presiding the meeting of May 20, 2011 attended by 40 active members and several guests.   Steve Fulop, (center picture) Councilman of Jersey City was the guest speaker. The Lector in the Education segment of the program was broadcast journalist and member Fiorel Salvo. His topic was " Effective Communication".  (Details in the NJCNews page)
KOR Color Guards at the Philippine Day Organizing Council's Grand Ball at Fiesta Banquet, May 8, 2011
Cast and crew of "Dapitan", a mock trial presentation of The Order of the Knights of Rizal (OKR) New Jersey Chapter on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Dr. Jose Rizal. This part of the program was held on June 18 at the City of Jersey City Chamber at Grove Street, Jersey City was the brainchild of brother knight Benrome Abao.

Read the details of KORNJC's sesquicentennial celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal's birthday at the NJNews page.

The Order of the Knights of Rizal, New Jersey Chapter serving as color guards and spearheading the parade along Madison Avenue, from 38th to 23rd Streets.

The 113th Commemoration of Philippine Independence in New York City 2011 was organized and presented by the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI), in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Philippines.
- (Clockwise from left in yellow shirt) Sir Nestor Enriquez, Sir George Esguerra, Sir Fiorel Salvo, Sir Gali Munar, Sir  Francis Sison, Sir Sonny Asutria, Sir Jun Hornilla, Sir Ed Toloza, and Sir Ben Abao.
More photos and the news at JCNEWS page.
Bayanihan park clean-up and annual picnic, June 11, 2011
Photo exhibits and free movie showing of "Rizal At Dapitan", June 13, 2011 at the Five Corner's Library in Jersey City. Part of KOR's sesquicentennial celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal's birthday.
KOR Knighting, Exaltation to the 3rd Degree (KCR) and Awarding of Lifetime Membership at the Council Chamber of the City of Jersey City, June 18, 2011 preceeded by a Mock Trial of Doctor Jose Rizal.

In the morning, prior to this part of the program was the flag raising ceremony at the Rizal Park with Mayor Jeremiah Healy as special guest and member.
(read more at JCNEWS2 page)
Fiorello Salvo
Master of Ceremony
1. Sir Gerry Austria   2. Sir Chris de Guzman
3. Sir Walter Francis Romano 4. Sir Dr. Oswaldo Casupang 5. Sir Romulo Luz 6. Sir “Jun” Florentino     7. Sir Eduardo Toloza  8. Sir Anthony Yabut   
9.Sir Dr. Rodrigo Castillo  10. Sir Bryan Manongdo  
1. Sir Dr. Rod Castillo
2. Sir Anthony Yabut
3. Sir Joey Mayo
4. Sir Walter Francis
5. Sir Angel Florentino 
6. Sir Bryan Manongdo
7. Sir Romulo Luz        
8. Sir Chris De Guzman
9. Sir Gerry Austria

Opening Ceremony at the Rizal Park, Dr. Jose Rizal's 150th Birthday Celebration, June 18 2011
KOR New Jersey Chapter at the flag raising and parade of the Philippine Day Organizing Council. Passaic's celebration of Philippine American friendship day, June 12, 2011.
At the 21st PAFCOM Parade in Jersey City, June 26, 2011 from Claremont to the Lincoln Park.
KOR New Jersey Chapter's regular meeting, July 15, 2011 at the Jersey City Diners attended by very active members. In the regular part of the program - the educational segment, the lecture was focused on the life of Dr. Jose P. Rizal as a Mason.

The subject was fully discussed, conducted by Knight Sir Paul Versoza. Open forum followed moderated by the Education Chairman, Sir Knight Ed Toloza.

Another successful meeting.
Send-off meeting on August 31, 2011 for Sir Fiorel Salvo by the Officers & Trustees of the New Jersey chapter of the KoR. He officially carried the name of Jersey Chapter in the formal presentation of twinning documents and plaque. The other party in the agreement was the Naga City Chapter, Philippines headed by its chapter commander Sir Cirilo Vera-Cruz. The official date of the ceremony was September 12, 2011 at 3pm at the social hall of Rizal Center, Peñafrancia Avenue, Naga City, Camarines Sur, Bicol Region, Philippines.
(More photos of the Naga Chapter ceremony in separate page - CLICK TO LINK.)
BUS TRIP TO ATLANTIC CITY is a yearly fund raising campaign to finance the chapter's humanitarian and educational activities. The club is actively participating in many community programs that extends up to some selected areas in the Philippines, especially in its twin chapter, Naga City. Sir Domingo "Jun" Hornilla, KCR (left), Deputy Chapter Commander, chairs the project.  The "trips" raise thousands of dollars each year.
Sir Fiorel Salvo presented the signed documents upon his return to the U.S. to Sir Francis Sison, KGOR, Chapter Commander. Report was made at
the general meeting of December 16, 2011, Friday, held at the Jersey Diners, Jersey City. NJ
The Knights of Rizal, Jersey Chapter sponsored the first night of Simbang Gabi at the Consulate in New York. The Nine-day Novena is a yearly devotion of the Pilipino organizations under the unbrella of the Philippine Consulate Office in New York. The chapter is one of the most active members.
Sir Judge Victor Sison, Legal Consultant
December regular general meeting of the chapter. Judge Victor sison delivered his lecture on "Crisis Management" in the Educational Program segment.

Additional new members were also inducted as follows: (l-r photo at right) Assemblyman Sean connors, Pastor Rodolfo Casuga, Rizal Youth Pres. Russel Tupas and Manuel Zapanta.

The meeting was held at the Jersey Diners, December 16, 2011. A sizable number of knights in attendance.
Christmas Party and Knighting at the Sheraton, Newark, December 30, 2011.

This was the culminating activity of the chapter during the observance of Dr. Jose P. Rizal's 115th Death Anniversary, Preceding this were the wreath laying at the park and breakfast at a local diner.

The last significant affair of New Jersey Chapter for the outgoing year.

(For more pictures of the knighting and party, you may access the Facebook of several KOR members. Also see some at "Knighting" page.)
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